Jueves 11 agosto 2022
Fecha:11/08/2022 - 14/08/2022 
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ReV Mission Together

•    ORGANIZADO POR: Not Only Larp
•    FECHA: 6/08/22 a 9/08/22 y del 11/08/22 a 14/08/22

•    INSCRIPCIÓN: http://missiontogether.notonlylarp.com/practical-sign-up/
•    LUGAR: Asturias
•    TIPO: ReV Fin de semana
•    INFORMACIÓN:  Calling all recruits for a space exploration mission! Train at the Magdalena Center and seize your future.
After decades of war between their planets, the Rheans, Deimians, and Keplians have recently signed a peace treaty.
War has destroyed many of their resources, making the planned colonization missions a necessity.
MISSION TOGETHER is the 10th colonization mission. This time, recruits will be trained to explore ULTREIA, a potentially habitable planet.
They were bred for war; now they’re tasked with togetherness.
Please note that racism (Based on in-game heritage), class struggle and xenophobia are part of the game.
•    ENLACES: http://missiontogether.notonlylarp.com/

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